It is not just a game, it’s an attitude

It unites Players, Teams and Nations

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Who we are

One nation, one team, one dream.

We help players stay connected togethers and we help players showcase thier talents (profile).

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What we do

Rise and shine with your games.

Players could easily play soccer, basketball etc. at his/her desire pitch without stress. We connect professional players. We help players build profile and connect them with scout.

Football team
Players join a team(set) and surely participate in a Basketball match.
Portrait Of Male And Female High School Soccer Teams
Players join a team(set) and surely participate in a footbal(soccer) match.
Football supporter fans cheering with flag watching soccer cup match at stadium tribune
Player get to create his team, Fix a friendly match within. And also assure safety of players while playing.
Why Join Us

Life is like soccer, we need GOALS.

Joining us helps you connect with new professional players, and you can also build your profile as a great player with great ambitions for world to see.

Players Connect

As known that football and basketball are beautiful games, you would be glad to meet players with beautiful and impressive skills.

Build Profile

You have priviledge of building your profiles. Whenever you participate in a game and you have a goal or an assist, your profile would be updated.

Security and Amenities

Your safety is assured as you play games in any of our allocated pitches. Incase of injury or pitch casualties you would be attended to by our cordinator.


You can easily reach us if you have any problems, recommendations or need supports.

Interest in joining us?

More than 5000 players like you had participated. Give us a try today and it will be a worthy experience.

Need help?

Yes, as a good football and basketball fans that you are, we know you will have a lot to ask about the project. Take a chill, all your curiosity would be attended to. You can also contact us for more details.

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The projects aims at allowing players to be able to be play football(soccer), basketball etc. at thier various desired pitches/fields without partiallity and also peacefully. while also having fun, players with great football ambitions could also build thier profiles and connect with scout(club managers).

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As the developers of this projects are great fans of sports, our main and vision is to have skillful players accross the nations get much more connected to thier dreams. Also we all know money is the fuel for great missions and ambitions, therefore you would be required to pay as little token as possible.Enjoy worthwile time with us.

All you need is to click the join button up there, then pick a unique player name peculiar to you and fill other details to register. Pick ballot(set) depending on your favorite and closer pitch/field, After picking ballot a short memorable code would be generated indicating the team you belong to. Keep the code safe and particular to yourself. Reach the pitch on time then show or tell the cordinator your code and have a peaceful and fun game..

We have limited pitch/field for now because we had to partner with a pitch/field that meets our standard. And we also have limited cordinators. If you would like to be part of our cordinator you can contact our admin.

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athletic soccer player kicking ball on soccer pitch
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